Digital Solutions

The greatest success comes from creating cohesive and seamless engagement through cross channel marketing

Take Full Advantage of Digital Communication Channels

Efficient and Integrated

A conversion can range from prospects participating in surveys, customers signing up for a newsletter, or even an e-commerce transaction

Build Efficient and Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns

Marketing has always been about connecting with your targeted audience in the right place, at the right time. Using digital channels from email marketing, SMS text messaging and social media, marketers now have the ability to send their message instantly and reach millions around the world. At CGC, we have witnessed this fast-growing segment, and have embraced the capabilities of distributing integrated digital content. We provide to our clients not just the strategies to sell more, but effective ways to engage their customers.

Digital messages are vital to marketing efforts, but a priority for business success is to have a well established web presence. We offer comprehensive websites, microsites such as PURLS, and customized e-commerce development along with the skill set to implement based on your specific needs. Having a well designed site is first priority, but we’ll help you drive traffic to your site and increase organic search results with various SEO, SEM and PPC methods.

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Media Audience

Social media is designed to create engagement and brand loyalty rather than to sell products directly

Diverse Solutions to Match Media with Audience

To reach your target audience, you are faced with the challenge to recognize key demographics and wide diversity of lifestyle criteria to hopefully connect and engage. Fortunately, there are as many channels within our arsenal to choose, including both digital channels and traditional means, from which we have been providing for years. Digital marketing approaches include deployment of email newsletters, producing exciting social media advertisements, scanning a QR code to land on a personalized page with an enticing offer too good to resist. Throughout our busy day, we handle a multitude of devices.

Naturally, we’ll direct your message to the proper channel, to the right device, and if needed, design a responsive experience for the anonymous recipient.

Channels Perform

Identify your marketing objectives, and then ensure that each chosen medium is applied effectively

Understanding Which Channels Perform

With so many channels available, from direct mail to email, mobile, and social media, it is essential to understand the relevant channel to utilize, and distinguish your target audience’s preference. You’re not going to reach many senior citizens with SMS. Our team can collaborate and identify your marketing objectives, then ensure that each medium is the right one to make meaningful touches to your audience.

Today’s ever changing digital marketing landscape welcomes new concepts such as affiliate, content marketing and reputation management. We have a talented and accomplished team, well equipped with the latest technology tools and knowledge of the landscape to become your partner, and create satisfying results.

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Cross Channel Marketing

Mobile marketing can reach the right target demographic connected with a personal mobile device

Cross Channel Marketing Lets The User Decide

Multi-channel marketing is effective, but this avenue may not lead your prospect to the desired destination. A more effective campaign approach is cross channel marketing, designed with multiple channels, personalization and well conceived “call to actions” triggers that permits the prospect to engage with tandem mediums. Along the individual’s journey, data can be collected, providing information for a more focused touch down stream.

A traditional campaign that produced results exclusively from a single channel, can be energized with cross channel integration. Ultimately these initiatives are used to make it easy for a prospect to complete desired conversion to customer, and maximize business ROI impact.