Promotional Products

Choose from the largest selection of quality promotional items that will enhance and promote your brand.

Discover the Power of  Promotional Products

Promotional Products

The colors, styles and wide variety of items within our catalogs are endless, but we’re sure you will find the right product

Promotional Products Work

Promotional products help attract new customers and turn current customers into loyal advocates. From a simple pen to a customized kit full of eye-catching promotional products, you can share fun and useful items that remind your target market about your brand every day.

If you doubt the impact of promotional products, check out these statistics*:

Percentage of consumers that said they are more likely to do business with brands whom they’ve received promotional products


Percentage of consumers that keep promotional products for more than one year


Percentage of consumers that admit to looking up the brand after receiving a promotional product


*From the “2017 Consumer Study” by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI)

Suppliers, Storage or Your Door

Our vast distribution network allows us to streamline logistics and drive unnecessary costs out of the supply chain

From Suppliers or Storage to Your Door

With access to over 800,000 products (pens to wearables to Bluetooth speakers) from 4,500 different suppliers, you’re sure to find the perfect promotional product for your target audience at just the right price point. We can help you choose and customize the ideal product to keep your brand front and center and to help you meet your marketing goals. With CGC, you’ll receive samples and virtual proofs to bring your promotional products to life and make choosing and ordering the right product simple and easy.

CGC also offers secure storage for large promotional orders or items typically offered in your company store. Plus, we can ship to locations around the globe and save you money by optimizing shipping to reduce freight and delivery times.

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Personalized with your business logo, promotional items and apparel will make a lasting impression

Presentation is Everything

Did you know that customized packaging can significantly increase the perceived value and the overall impact of a promotional product? The good news is you don’t have to spend your time unpacking, repacking, weighing, labeling and shipping all those packages. Once we develop a combination of quality products with irresistible packaging CGC will put it all together for you.

Our talented designers create memorable designs and packaging – from simple box kits to customized containers – and ship them around the world, saving you valuable time while creating memorable experiences for your customers. We can even create the specs and execute the production of more complicated packaging – such as multiple-item packaging and kits.

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You can order and manage all your promotional items online with CGC’s convenient and easy-to-use online portal. We’ll set up a company store and, if you would like, give you the ability to browse one of the largest promotional product offerings available today.