A New Way to Engage with Your Target Audience

Beyond Boundaries

  • Deliver relevant one-to-one content with dynamic and targeted experiences that will motivate and excite your customers.
  • Take advantage of Low-quantity coupon card mailers that are now within reach. Order as few as 250 economically.
  • Revitalize your direct mail or introduce it into your marketing strategy to drive your ROI.
  • ResponseLink™ opens a world of opportunities to connect with customers:
    • Product Launches and New Offers
    • Win Back and Cross-Sell Campaigns
    • Gift and Reward Offers
    • Membership and Loyalty Programs
    • And More…
View a 3D ResponseLink™ Sample!

Beyond Possibility

Variable data and imaging enhanced through a customer demographic profile will create a message as unique as the mailer itself… that’s beyond incredible!

Beyond Vertical Markets

Boundless opportunities and limitless markets are available, all with high potential and incredible growth. What business doesn’t want to attract customers and drive sales? The ResponseLink™ provides a built-in attention grabber – the detachable cards! Present the customer/prospect with an attactive incentive or promotion that is tailored to specifically to each individual. Franchise operations have the ability to communicate a company-branded message, while entertaining to a regional location for localized promotions.

Beyond Industry

ResponseLink™ is perfect for your franchise operations. Put the power in the hands of your company-owned locations, and franchise owners, by allowing them to create their own specific regional piece, while locking down brand integrity.

Beyond Engagement

Whether your company provides incentive programs, engaging promotional offers or customers rewards & loyalty progams, ResponseLink™ will deliver excitement and motivate your customers to act!

Marketplace Engagement 

  • Franchise Marketing from a Local Level
  • Automotive   
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Restaurants and Retail
  • Membership Organizations/Associations
  • Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

Functional Applications 

  • Promotional Offers
  • Offers Based on Previous Purchases
  • Coupon Cards
  • Loyalty Programs
  • New Products
  • Customer Rewards
  • Gift Redemptions
  • On-boarding
View a 3D ResponseLink™ Sample!

Beyond Limitations

The number of recipients for any targeted communication strategy will vary greatly from each campaign. Whether there are 100 or 50,000 individuals to reach, print quantities utilizing our cost effective solution will not present a barrier. Minimal setup cost and nominal waste allows for competitive pricing for any size project!

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