CGC Success Story

Cross Channel Marketing Expands Reach


Geno’s Formal Affair, Inc., a supplier of formal wear attire to a national network of retailers, had modest results in their marketing reach to prospective brides involved with choosing the tuxedos of their wedding party.

The company, while able to obtain leads attending bridal shows through out the country, wanted to increase the conversion of these leads to hot prospects, or even better, a satisfied customer. After listening to Geno’s goals, CGC recommended integrating a cross channel marketing program utilizing various channels, and providing personalized promotions. Also realizing the target demographic, mobile text messages were suggested to work in tandem with these strategies.

  • Create uniquely-shaped custom packaging while staying on budget
  • Use vivid inks and holographic foils to produce an attention-grabbing look
  • Meet demanding deadlines to reach stores for the holiday shopping season
  • A comprehensive and central prospect database was developed that standardized multiple sources of lead generation and automated the process of removing
    out-of-date records.
  • Multi-channels including direct mail, email marketing and mobile messaging were deployed to allow bride prospects the ability to connect any time, any where.
  • Personalized microsites were introduced to capture personal details such as wedding date, desired formal wear style and color theme, allowing follow up communication touches to be customized and more focused to the individual. Capturing an email address allowed follow up communications to be delivered promptly.
  • Cost effective digital printing replaced traditional production methods, while offering an enhanced message through personalization.
  • The improved efficiency of data management and ability to accurately track response rates reduced the cost-per-lead by 10%, compared to prior campaigns. The new database generated detailed reports with resourceful information and allowed for better planning of future campaigns.
  • User engagement with the introduction of a personal microsite to capture and provide personal details improved subsequent communication touches, elevated product awareness, and ultimately increased sales revenue over 16% during the course of campaign.
  • The campaign expanded brand awareness and created new marketing opportunities to promote new products, additional services and up sells.