CGC Success Story

Product Launch to New Vertical Market


Sellers Manufacturing Company, a major manufacturing operation providing reliable high quality water boilers and heaters to commercial customers, realized the potential use of their product for a completely different market.

The Sellers H-Series boiler, through it’s efficient heating process, provides clean steam without the need of water chemical treatment. This clean steam, which is a highly sought after ingredient by the distillery companies as it helps them create the purest alcohol and highest quality beverage possible.

A new opportunity and potential was envisioned for this traditional industrial equipment. but needed a solid cross channel marketing plan to promote to a new audience.

  • Market to an industry never before approached, and promote equipment and brand awareness not widely known within the distillery community.
  • The demographic profile for existing industrial customers were established. However, the new and expanding distillery market had little opportunity to build reliable data for prospects targeting.
  • Although this opportunity was new and unique for Sellers, their industrial competition recognized the same potential to expand their own product and began similar distillery campaigns. It was essential to communicate to prospects before the competition.
  • The company entered a new world of cross channel marketing while exploring this exciting opportunity. Promotional products and multi-channel response mechanisms including a microsite, PURLs, email and variably printed direct mail postcards were used to educate prospects on the H-Series product.
  • While little demographic data was available, a recognizable promotional product was chosen as a give-away – a shot glass. It was a perfect way to ask a prospect to listen and give Sellers a “shot” while used consistently throughout the channels.
  • Time was of the essence. The CGC Marketing team promptly designed and developed a campaign strategy to include concept, design, sourcing, fulfillment, advertising buys and an implementation schedule to be completed on-time and before competitors penetrated the market.
  • The campaign expanded brand awareness and created new marketing opportunities to promote water boilers
    and heaters to new companies. The campaign solicited top level management and user engagement was higher than expected.
  • Although the end result was the sale of a $565,000 unit, this was an overwhelming return on investment of the campaign expenses. Sellers Manufacturing has been extremely happy as they penetrate this new market ahead of the competition, with CGC completing the project on-time and on-budget.