CGC Success Story

Helping a Bank Branch Out


WesBanco, a growing regional bank with over 200 banking centers, remains committed to a core set of values: best-in-class customer service, community-based banking, and building their success on the success of their customers.

When WesBanco wanted to expand, they needed a company to manage all aspects of their supply chain for printed materials, including online ordering, customizing collateral, fulfillment of online orders, and real-time inventory management.

WesBanco engaged CGC, so they could utilize our expertise in supply chain management which was perfectly suited to help an expanding bank standardize its branding while managing their inventory and maintaining control of their budget.

  • Improve inventory cycle time to prevent waste and reduce inventory storage costs.
  • Provide easy access to all standard and customized materials needed to open and operate new WesBanco branches.
  • Provide a single source solution that allows WesBanco managers to closely monitor costs, inventory, and budgets for each branch.
  • Provide access to real-time data on inventory and spending for the entire WesBanco enterprise.
  • CGC developed an online storefront where WesBanco employees could customize and order printed collateral for each location.
  • CGC implemented a Bank-in-a-Box solution for
    on-boarding new acquisitions and branches. This kit contains all the marketing collateral and business documents that a new branch needs to get up and running. CGC also trains new WesBanco sta˛ on how to customize and order their collateral online.
  • WesBanco managers were trained and given oversight of the entire program, allowing them to view orders by individual branches. This enabled them to manage costs and budgets across the enterprise.
  • Our dashboard reporting solution gives WesBanco managers real-time access to supply chain activity. In addition we provide monthly billing and transaction reports, as well as a yearly progress report detailing top spend items, inventory values and usage, and cost reduction initiatives that were implemented during the year.
  • WesBanco continues to grow rapidly, while at the same time reducing their inventory carrying costs. Since the inception of the program with CGC, they have achieved an aggregate reduction in inventory costs of 36.5%.
  • The ease and intuitiveness of the Bank-in-a-Box solution makes training and on-boarding of new branches quick and easy. The integrated program insures consistent branding and standardization across the entire enterprise as they continue to grow.
  • With access to real-time data and reports, WesBanco managers are able to make informed business decisions.